Technical support engineer, with interest,
in software ,customer support, development
Information technology, Sales and other
variety of applications used in the web and work-force.


E-portfolio Gallery

Remarkable, Inventive & Imaginative Designs

I have an enormous passion for Web Graphic Designs and E-commerce including, showing my creative abilities. I believe that is important to have an excellent design and good web to rank better in Google.

More importantly combining the right images, a well-written headline and professional implemented to hit your target market.

In summary, the accomplishment of your company will rest on the quality design that connects your target market. likewise, it will allow the use to easily find the Information required. 

Advanced Web Technologies: University-Project Jan-2011- Jan 2012

Coding Learned:

  • PHP & MYSQL Databases.
  • Javascript.
  • XML, XHTMl, XSL-FO Transformation.
  • XPath Statements, HTML, CSS.
  • Jquery, Ajax, XML Spy.
  • Team Building and managing project.

Sales and Business Support Internship: August-2012- February 2013

Experience gained:

  • Market Research.
  • keeping in touch with Clients.
  • Manage projects.
  • Web site assistant.
  • CMS / Wordpress Moderator.
  • Graphic Designing.
  • Basic CSS and HTML coding.
  • Improve communication skills.

Head of IT Assistant: CNWL May-2007- March 2008

The daily task included:

  • Performing computer maintenance.
  • Health-safety risk precautions.
  • Monitor systems.
  • Upgrading installation.
  • Windows and troubleshooting.
  • Team Building.

Admin Assistant: Preston Manor School - Jan 2010

The daily task included:

  • Team Player.
  • Coding Basic PHP with HTML.
  • Making a database using SQL and xampp.
  • Website Sketches.
  • Use of Dreamweaver.
  • Time Management.

Software Dev: Jewish Care - Jan 2011-2012

The daily task included:

  • Team Player.
  • Coding Basic PHP with HTML.
  • Create a virtual world for the organisation.
  • Graphics designing.
  • Use of Dreamweaver.
  • Time Management.